FRS-15 Quick Detach Swivel Adapter

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Several FRS-15 Rifle Stock users prefer the older style 1" QD slings and swivels over the new push button styles. Previously, there was no way to attach them to the FRS-15 with out it being clanky or damaging the finish of the swivel or stock. The solution was pretty simple and VERY effective. Introducing our QD swivel adapter kit. The kit consists of two machined Delrin discs that slip into the sling loop behind the FRS-15 grip. Simply feed the axle of your QD swivel through the small diameter holes and lock!! It's that easy. The result is a rattle free, self lubricating, independently rotating connection between the swivel and stock.



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I like it!Review by Dr. Jeff
Works nice, although minor fitting was required.

Hole was just a fraction too small for my Uncle Mike's QD Swivel, but a careful touch with a drill bit sized to match the axle plus .020" for clearance and everything is perfect.

Before drilling, I used a smaller bit to carefully align the holes and the discs before clamping the assembly in a small vise. Careful alignment of the drill to the holes was also important. It would have been very easy to mess up the assembly if the angle had been off. Drill was set at a very low speed to avoid any melting of the material and to aid in control while drilling.

(Posted on 7/1/2017)

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