FRS-15 Gen III AK-47 Stock Adapter (Yugo/Serb Variant)

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The 4300P Series FRS-15 Gen III Featureless Rifle Stock is designed to be compatable with the AK-47 platform. The AK-47 is a classic design with many variants created over the years. Due to the way these rifles are designed and manufactured, no two AKs are exactly alike.

Our AK-47 adapters provide a solid connection between our FRS-15 GEN III Featureless Rifle Stock and select makes and models of AK-47 receivers. It is a bolt on system making installation quick and simple. Our Trunnion Caps are designed to fill the space left behind by the removal of the original buttstock. (some adjustments to the adapter and cap may be necessary to achieve the best fit possible).

The adapter and cap are Injection molded from high strength glass filled nylon polymer and the included mounting hardware is all steel.


COMPATIBILITY: (more makes and models to be added)

This adapter kit is designed to fit most Yugoslavian/Serbian AK variants.  Some of the most popular are listed below. (Minor modifications may be necessary).

  • Century Arms N-PAP M70
  • Century Arms O-PAP M70

If you're unsure that the make/model of your lower is compatible, call our technical support team at 650-588-3700 extension 101.

Made in USA

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