Kit E (M3 Ranger Plate) 4 Pack

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A magazine mounted tool has proven to be the most efficient method of performing fast magazine changes on California Compliant "magazine lock" equipped black rifles and pistols. Our Ultimate Bullet Button Tool (UBBT) kits and magazine enhancements are one of the most popular solutions available.

The super durable billet machined Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin) UBBT tips are reinforced by steel mounting hardware and easy to install. The unique (patent pending) shape of the UBBT tip makes compatible with ALL major brands of magazine locking devices.


  • Magpul PMAG M3 5.56 Ranger Plates
  • Magpul PMAG M3 .308 Ranger Plates


  • 4-.308 UBBT tips
  • 4- 5/8" steel PEM screws
  • Installation instructions

Proudly made in USA

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