AR-15 Lower Parts Kit w/Enhanced Trigger Guard

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This lower receiver parts kit includes all the parts you need to assemble an AR-15 lower receiver into a lower half (recoil system and pistol grip not included). Our kits feature top quality American made parts. Perfect for featureless AR builds including the FRS-15.

Additional upgrades sold separately:

Damage Industries Ambidextrous Safety Selector, 45 Degree or 90 Degree throw.

Oden Works Extended Magazine Release


Buffer Retainer
Buffer Retainer Spring
Disconnector Spring
Trigger Spring
Trigger Pin
Hammer Spring
Hammer Pin
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Pin
Magazine Catch
Magazine Catch Button
Magazine Catch Spring
Pivot Pin
Takedown Pin
Bolt Catch Plunger
Bolt Catch Plunger Spring
2x Takedown & Pivot Pin Detent
2x Takedown & Pivot Pin Detent Springs
Selector Detent
Selector Detent Spring

Made in USA

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