BD-180 Blast Deflector & Kits

Our new BD-180 Blast Deflector is an inexpensive easy to install upgrade for short barreled rifle and AR Pistol applications that works with standard 1/2" threaded Mil-Spec flash hiders. It redirects high pressure concussion, flame, and hot muzzle gasses forward and away from the shooter and bystanders. This is especially important when shooting in tight quarters or in a line at the range.

Please see below for technical specifications and compatibility.

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The BD-180 is unique in it's application because it is trapped between the muzzle device and the barrel. It can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, a crush washer. At 1.35 inches in diameter and weighing in at a mere 2 ounces it will fit inside most low profile or lightweight fore-ends without adding significant weight to the muzzle. Another advantage is the use of a wrench inside the flash hider for installation. This gives the installer the flexibility to attach the BD-180 before or after the fore-end has been assembled.

Kits are available to pair with your pre-owned 1/2" threaded flash hider, or as a complete combination package of a BD-180, Flash Hider, Installation Tool, and Crush Washer (select kits only). Please select whichever options best suit your needs from the drop down window.


  • Length: 1.8 inches
  • Diameter: 1.35 inches
  • Deflector Weight: 2 oz.
  • Flash Hider Weight: 4 oz.
  • Thread: 1/2" Diameter
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Finish: Manganese Phosphate
  • Laser Engraved


This device does not suppress noise, reduce muzzle rise, or generate back pressure.


  • BD-180 complete kits with A1, A2, or 3-prong flash hiders, Installation wrench
  • BD-180 upgrade kit. Includes BD-180 and installation wrench (Use your A1, A2 or 3-Prong flash hider)
  • BD-180 alone (For those of you who already have our installation wrench and appropriate flash hider)

Made in USA

It is the responsibility of firearms dealers and private firearms owners to know and fully understand all federal, state, and local firearms laws in their area. Thordsen Customs LLC will not be held liable for any misuse of its products and will assume that our product(s) comply with federal, state and local laws unless otherwise notified by authorities.

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