FRS-15 .308 Stock Adapter (DPMS Profile)

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The FRS-15 Rifle Stock, as designed, fits at the pistol grip attachment point of any AR-10 (.308) rifle, however the rear of the lower receiver where the buffer tube attaches is about 3/8" longer to accommodate the longer bolt carrier group. The area utilized by the extra length takes up a critical space that the shooters hand needs to hold the rifle and absorb recoil comfortably.

Our adapter kits are designed to relieve this area giving the shooter maximum comfort and control of the rifle. It achieves this by moving the grip down .37" and .15" to the rear of the standard grip attachment point.

The adapter is 3D machined in two halves from billet ABS thermoplastic that are hand assembled, chemically bonded, cured in a 12 ton hydraulic press, and hand finished. Each kit includes a shortened safety detent spring, and an extra long mounting screw (use the washer that came with your FRS-15).


This adapter kit is designed to fit most DPMS profile lower receivers. Some of the most popular are listed below. (Minor modifications may be necessary).

  • DPMS: LR-308
  • CMMG: MK3
  • Remington: R-15
  • Bushmaster: (all models)
  • Armalite: AR-10
  • Smith & Wesson M&P-10
  • Palmetto: PA-10
  • SI Defense: SI-D .308

If you're unsure that the make/model of your lower is compatible, call our technical support team at 650-588-3700.


  • DPMS (.308) Adapter
  • Shortened safety detent spring
  • 1/4-28 x 1¼" mounting crew
  • Installation Instructions

Made in USA

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