NEW DESIGN Enhanced Pistol Cheek Rest Kit W/MFT Saddle

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Installation Video Installation Video

Customers have been requesting a new design for our MFT EVOLVTM cheek rest kits to make them compatible with mil spec and commercial buffer tubes, eliminating the need to replace their OEM buffer for our proprietary tube. Our re-designed mounting system incorporates a pin that grabs one of the holes your existing buffer tube, similar to a carbine stock. By eliminating the proprietary parts, the cost of manufacturing drops considerably and is passed directly to YOU!!


   Mil Spec    Buffer Tube

    Mil Spec     Recoil Kit Carbine Spring

   3.4 oz.    Carbine Buffer

Castle Nut

Replacement Battery Sleeves


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With our updated mounting system you can now use any 6 position mil spec or commercial carbine buffer tube.

This kit is a Hybrid design utilizing either our Standard or Enhanced Buffer Tube Cover kits and the Mission First Tactical EVOLV Battle Stock Attachment. Together they create a rock solid, ergonomic cheek weld that provides stability for accurate, repeatable shooting, and a proper sight line for your favorite optics or sights.

 Our easy to follow, installation video makes assembly a snap with just a couple of everyday hand tools!!


  • Mounts directly to any 6 position mil-scec or commercial carbine buffer tube.
  • Some Receiver End plates with QD or loop sling attachment points on the back of the end plate may cause interference with the buffer tube cover.


  • Provides ergonomic cheek weld
  • 2 Quick Detach Sling hard points (Enhanced Pistol Cheek Rest Kit only)
  • 2 water tight rubber battery storage compartments
  • Installation Video Installation Video


  • Steel mounting bracket
  • Width: 3.5"
  • Height: 2.5"
  • Length 7.5" (installed length depending on buffer tube used)
  • Weight: 9.0 oz.


  • 3/8" socket wrench (not included)
  • 7/64" hex wrench (not included)
  • (2) 1/16" Hex wrenches (included)



Made in USA

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